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Panandy Oil and Gas

Panandy May Activities; Recap

In May, Panandy embarked on a series of strategic activities and milestones, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and sustainability in partnership with Lafarge Africa. Here’s a recap of our key highlights for the month.

1. Tour of Lafarge Ewekoro Plant: Panandy took an insightful tour of the Lafarge Ewekoro Plant, gaining valuable insights into their cutting-edge production processes and sustainable practices.

2. Attended Panandy-Lafarge Summit: We actively participated in the Panandy-Lafarge 2024 Suppliers’ Summit, themed “Sustainable Business, Innovating with Excellence,” held at the Eko Hotel, Lagos. This event celebrated our collaborative efforts to promote sustainable innovation within the industry.

3. Partner Inspection at Lafarge-Ashaka Plant: Panandy led partners on an inspection tour of the Lafarge-Ashaka Plant. This visit allowed us to showcase the ongoing projects and highlight our commitment to enhancing infrastructure and sustainability.

4. Commencement of Work at Lafarge-Ashaka Plant: We began new operations at the Lafarge-Ashaka Plant, focusing on optimizing resource use and reducing environmental impact through innovative approaches.

5. New Operations Manager: Panandy welcomed a new Operations Manager to further expand our operations. This strategic move aims to enhance our operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth.

May was a month of significant progress and strategic advancements for Panandy. By strengthening our partnership with Lafarge and enhancing our operational capabilities, we continue to lead the way in sustainable innovation within the industry. Stay tuned for more updates in our next edition.

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