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Panandy Oil and Gas

Panandy Attends Lafarge Africa’s 2024 Suppliers’ Summit: A Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

Lafarge Africa Plc recently held its 2024 Suppliers’ Summit & Excellence Awards on May 16th at the Eko Hotel, Lagos. This event, themed “Sustainable Business, Innovating with Excellence,” gathered esteemed suppliers and partners to celebrate collaboration and innovation in sustainable business practices.

Among the distinguished participants was Panandy, a key supplier to Lafarge, known for its commitment to sustainability and excellence. As a participant in this summit, Panandy showcased its innovative approaches to environmentally responsible practices, aligning perfectly with Lafarge’s vision for a sustainable future.

Our partnership with Lafarge began with a shared vision: to advance the standards of operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the  industry. From the outset, both companies recognized the potential for synergy, combining Panandy’s expertise in operations with Lafarge’s innovative approaches to construction materials and sustainable practices.

In the past year, Panandy Oil and Gas and Lafarge have collaborated on numerous projects aimed at enhancing infrastructure, optimizing resource use, and reducing environmental impact.

Panandy’s involvement in such high-profile events underscores its leadership in the industry and dedication to continuous improvement. By engaging with other industry leaders and stakeholders at the summit, we not only reinforced its reputation but also fostered valuable connections that will propel its growth and innovation in the long run.

Through events like these, we continue to demonstrate our capacity to drive sustainable solutions, positioning us as a crucial player in the journey towards a more sustainable and innovative business landscape.

We remain committed to driving operational excellence. Our partnership with Lafarge will continue to evolve, exploring new frontiers in sustainability and efficiency. Together, we aim to set new standards and pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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